beautiful glacial deposits in the serra de estrela region

Hello Penamacor!

We went on our road trip and saw some beautiful places… Serra de Estrela park is so lovely, we all fell in love with the area. The small villages, the narrow roads, the beautiful majestic glacier melts…

downtown penamacor

Emilia’s request was that we send her to an English speaking school, where she has a chance to learn Portuguese, and then eventually we could enroll her in a native public school. We made an appointment to visit a small experimental school in Penamacor, our next stop on our road trip.

The school is based on the Sudbury model, which relies on children to be active participants and instigators in their own learning and happiness. It’s exciting to consider Emilia getting a parallel experience of personal responsibility for her own sense of place and integration as we explore alongside her, with intention towards how we want to live.

We agreed to try the town and school out for a month, and the peaceful, simple rural life appealed to all of us. No traffic, the town is very clean, and they are actively recruiting foreigners into the community. Meeting people who speak English is nice, as we learn the language we are still craving connection.

rural farmlands we’re surrounded by

We’re starting the process of settling into Penamacor, a small town of 5,682. We’ve found a lovely campground and are quite happy there. It’s got everything you need: a river, a small cafe, lovely camping spots, ping pong, a pool, showers and a place to hand wash dishes and clothes. I love the simplicity of it- and though I’m excited to get my hands in the dirt and start planting, I’m grateful for the slowness of life that is right now. I’m grateful for this moment, and the gentle ease into life in a new place, with a low level of commitment and a high level of curiosity and engagement…

our home here at our campground

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